Risk Disclosure

With any adventure activity there is an element of risk. Underworld Adventures has an extensive and externally audited Safety Management System that eliminates or minimises risk wherever possible, however participants must be aware that some risk does remain due to the natural environment, weather or other unexpected occurrences. The following Risk Disclosure statement applies to both Underworld Rafting and the GlowWorm Cave Adventure (except where stipulated “UR only” for Underworld Rafting or “GW only” for GlowWorm Cave Tour).

Please be honest if you are unable to meet any of the following conditions as your inability to do so could put yourself and others at risk:

This is a medium/high level physical activity. It requires:

• A reasonable standard of fitness
• Good balance – there are no handrails to assist you and walking poles are not permitted
• Ability to walk unassisted on very uneven and unpredictable surfaces – areas may be slippery due to mud or sand on rocks
• Ability to move while bent over through the low-ceiling sections of the cave
• [UR only] Confidence in water – swimming ability is not essential but you need to be prepared to ‘float’ in your wetsuit and lifejacket

The Tour involves:
• [UR only] Changing into a 2-piece 5mm wetsuit, complete with wet suit socks, boots & gloves
• You will also be provided with a helmet (with light) and life jacket.
• A 10-min drive and a 15 min Train Ride into the Nile River Canyon.
• [UR only] Carrying an inner tube for the dry portions of the tour
• Crossing the Nile River on our suspension bridge and up 111 largely natural steps (no handrails, equivalent to a 6-7 story building) to the cave entrance.
• [UR only] Note that you are wearing a wetsuit for this climb, which has the potential to exaggerate the difficulty of these steps, particularly in hot conditions.
• Traversing natural unformed surfaces, both to the cave, then through the large, highly decorated upper cave passages, where it is possible to slip, trip or otherwise fall, potentially causing injury.
• Traversing several short sections with low ceilings (120-150cm high) that require the participant to be able to crouch and move through, where there is the potential to impact your head (helmets are worn) resulting in bruising, head, neck or spinal injury.
• [GW only] Climbing a “Natural Staircase” inside the cave where you will need to use your hands for support and there is some exposure to falls (no handrails)
• [UR only] Traversing a short “rift” approximately 3m deep, with the aid of your guide, where there is the potential to slip or fall, resulting in abrasions, breaks to limbs or impact to head.
• [UR only] Floating through large GlowWorm-lit grottos, and paddling through the cave exit to the Nile River in your tube.
• [UR only] Traversing a 700 m section of the Waitekeri/Nile River, including 4 short, shallow rapids and several deeper, still pools.
• [UR only] In both the cave/lake and river sections of the journey, specific risks to water sports include: entrapment in water, breaks/damage to limbs and drowning.

[UR only]
Normal River Flow: In “Normal” river flow the rapids are short and shallow. You can stand and walk to the water’s edge if required.
Medium River Flow: In “Medium” river flow the rapids are fast and flushing. It is not possible to stand in the moving water and you are required to be confident in water in order to participate.
“High” river flow: The Te Ananui Stream and Nile River sections of the trip will be cancelled when the river is in “High” flow.

[UR only]
While unusual, there is a possibility that you may fall out of your tube while on the moving water. Should you fall out of your tube you may be under the water for a short time and you will need to be able to swim/paddle with your tube to the water’s edge prior to getting back into your tube. For this reason you should be confident in water.