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UnderWorld Adventures – West Coast, NZ

Welcome to Underworld Adventures in Charleston, West Coast, New Zealand

Charleston near Westport on the South Island’s untamed West Coast

Share with us a voyage of discovery. A journey to a place that is seldom visited; a land beyond, deep below, ancient, silent, timeless, and breathtakingly beautiful.

The West Coast of New Zealand is a magnificent place to explore, renowned for its dense rainforest, rugged mountain peaks, and wild coastlines. There is however, a land beyond, deep below, ancient, silent, timeless, and breathtakingly beautiful. A world that is seldom visited.

This subterranean world is usually visited only by keen, skilled adventurers. Underworld Adventures has local guides and equipment to share with you this magical world on an adventure to suit- the aged, families, or young and fit adventurers.  With us you will explore this unique & very special environment.

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Whichever cave adventure you choose, you are guaranteed to leave with a smile, life-long memories and an appreciation of a very special part of New Zealand. We guarantee your Underworld Adventure will be a highlight of your New Zealand experience.

We invite you to explore with us an ancient cave system, a complex dark world that has been created and artfully etched into rock by the forces of nature. Cave passages are artfully decorated with calcite crystals while water filled passages inhabited by millions of surreal twinkling glowworms. This land is hidden in the wilderness of the “Paparoa National Park” – it is a magical place that we love to share with the expectation that you will gain a glimpse, an understanding and and an experience of the beauty and excitement of these subterranean systems.

Underworld Adventures is based in Charleston nestled between rugged mountain tops and the wild Tasman Sea with rainforest clad limestone on our doorstep. We offer a unique variety of cave and karst adventures; the scenic “Nile River Rainforest Train” journey, “the family friendly Glowworm Cave Tour” and the sublime and al-encompassing “Underworld Rafting”, or perhaps even the full on “TeTahi” Adventure Caving.

Tours depart three times a day in summer, and twice daily in winter

We’ll photograph your underground adventure – download your photos for free!

Underworld Rafting

Explore an enormous cave system in its natural beauty, decorated with breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites, and delve deeper to float through incredible Glow-worm lit grottoes.
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Charleston Gloworm Cave Tour

Journey deep into an ancient cave system, walk amongst pristine stalactites and stalagmites and discover the magical Ananui entrance series and cave passages illuminated by galaxies of Glow-worms.
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Nile River Rainforest Train

Join us on a short interpretative train ride through pristine rain forest. Wander amongst towering limestone cliffs enjoying the fascinating beauty of The Nile River Valley limestone landscape.
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Te Tahi Adventure Caving

Join us on a thrilling adventure, abseil airy shafts, explore underground rivers, while mastering fun climbs, exciting squeezes and wet crawls - experience what caving is all about.
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Underworld Café

Relax and enjoy our modern Café. Treat yourself to a delicious barista coffee, a sweet treat or a savoury delight from our range of snacks, slices and sandwiches.
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