Adventure Caving

An adventure truly not for the faint hearted. This trips takes you to a place you never will forget.

‘Adventure Caving’ is full on expedition style caving that takes you into the untamed wilderness of the Te Tahi cave system. Fully equipped with harnesses, lights, helmets, wetsuits your adventure begins in our base in Charleston. Te Tahi Cave is a short drive on a remote road into the West Coast Wilderness. Following practice, your adventure begins with a 130 ft abseil down a breath-taking shaft. The last of daylight fades as you begin to scramble through a dark abyss of passages deep below. You will scramble, crawl and abseil to reach the active waterways.

A rushing stream-way awaits where you will chimney, bridge and climb waterfalls to traverse.  You will be surrounded by the sound and smell in an overwhelmingly exciting and powerful cave atmosphere.  On wriggling through the last fun filled squeeze, the cave opens up to a welcoming large series of chambers with one final climb to daylight and a well-hidden exit.

We will provide a power snack to keep you going, deep below in the ‘ white room’, a nature crafted room  stacked with superb unspoiled crystal white formations.  You will be challenged, going deep as you experience exploratory caving.

Adventure Caving

This is definitely the right adventure for fit capable adventurers who have a real desire for a real caving experience that is impossible to experience elsewhere. All equipment is provided including yummy power snacks and your own personalized photographic image set taken for you of your adventure.


NZD$350 per person – adults only

Important Note: If you are booking an adventure within 24 hours of intended departure – please make a phone booking to obtain confirmation.