Underworld Rafting

A very special Adventure. Take the Nile River Rainforest Train through lush rain forest, explore an enormous untouched cave system decorated with a breathtaking assemblage of pristine stalactites and stalagmites. Float below through incredible Glow-worm lit grottoes and have fun bouncing down the Nile River rapids...
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The Charleston Gloworm Cave Tour

A superb eco-cave tour where you travel by Nile River Rainforest Train through tranquil rain forest and explore the enormous Nile River Cave System. You walk amidst a pristine ancient "wonderland" of stalactites and stalagmites, journey to the awe-inspiring Ananui entrance series & be awestruck by the "galaxies" of Glow-worms...
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The Nile River Rainforest Train

A short interpretative train ride in open carriages through pristine rain forest in the magnificent Nile River Canyon. You pass through the film sites for the "The Lost World" and can enjoy a short walk along the towering limestone cliffs to the Nile River Suspension Bridge...
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Adventure Caving

Full on expedition style caving where you explore an amazing sporty cave. We will take you down deep shafts into the rushing active waterways of a place you never will forget. It includes airy abseils, fun climbs, exciting squeezes, & wet crawls. You will be challenged- go deep and experience what exploratory caving is all about...
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Welcome to Underworld Adventures base in Charleston, West Coast, New Zealand

Charleston, New ZealandCongratulations on choosing New Zealand for your eco-adventure holiday. Your search has uncovered several of New Zealand’s most celebrated eco-adventures: from the passive Nile River Rainforest Train ride and the Charleston Gloworm Cave Tours to the sublime Underworld Rafting, or perhaps even full on TeTahi Adventure Caving. They are here – at Charleston near Westport on the South Island’s untamed West Coast. We invite you to share with us a voyage of discovery.

We are Underworld Adventures, established in 1987 and world famous for our #1 adventure, Underworld Rafting. Just check out our TripAdvisor page!  We offer a full repertoire of Underworld Adventures for all ages and abilities. Investigate our featured adventures and contact us to secure a booking. Underworld Adventures was acknowledged  in the 2016 West Coast Leading Light award in winning the “best small business”. We guarantee your Underworld Adventure will become a highlight of your New Zealand experiences.

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