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Frequently asked questions

If you are attending the Underworld Rafting Tour, on the day it would be best to be at the Café 30 minutes before the tour starts and 15 minutes beforehand if you are attending the Glow Worm Cave tour to allow time for registration and briefings.

We are the giant three-story cafe in the historic town of Charleston, alongside state highway 6 on the West Coast of New Zealand.

For the 2020-2021 Summer Season we will be running the 9am and 11:30am time slots for both Underworld Rafting and the Glow Worm Cave Tour

Allow yourself around 3-4 hours return for the Adventure.

It is advised that for the Underworld Rafting tour kids should be around 10 and up. Any age is okay for the Glow Worm Cave Tour if they are able to walk on uneven surfaces unaided.

There is a certain level of physicality to the Adventure however, if you are confident at walking on uneven surfaces unaided and crouching down at some points this adventure is certainly suitable for you. No tight squeezes whatsoever, just a slight bend to get around a few corners and through a couple of passages. Most definitely worth it.